National Front Protest at Reading Pride

26 Aug 2009
Jamie Wake

A representative from Thames Valley Police has informed Reading Pride that the National Front have decided to protest in Reading's main shopping area against this year's Reading Pride Festival. A large group of protestors will position themselvs in Market Place with banners to meet the Reading Pride Parade as it makes its way through the town to the festival site at Kings Meadow Park. Reading Pride hopes that the National Front's protests will allow the parade to pass through the town without incident.

Reading Pride celebrates diversity across the Thames Valley and aims to eradicate discrimination against members of the LGBT Community. It is through the parade and festival that the charity hopes that visibility will assist educating members of the public. We urge any person that wishes to support these aims to join the parade through the town centre.

Reading Pride believes in equality, diversity and freedom of expression from all groups in society. We value all opinions both culturally and politically. We are more than happy to open dialogue with any group and hope that we could learn from each other.