Pentahotels - For the Black Sheep of the Rainbow Family

Pentahotels - For the Black Sheep of the Rainbow Family
3 Aug 2017
Reading Pride [Sponsored Article]

If nothing else, 2016 and 2017 have proven that we live in a crazy, chaotic world. Things can change in a second. Some amazing things have happened to give us hope for a brighter world, but a lot of things have looked darker.

Seems to us at penta that we need to keep reminding ourselves of the fundamental stuff every day. It's never felt more important to know who you are and what you represent. It's okay not to be the same as everyone else, but it's not okay to see differences as reasons to hate, exclude or patronise.

Yes, penta is a hotel business. That means being welcoming to a whole world of people. Including Reading, we've got half a dozen destinations here throughout the UK, and a whole lot more across Europe and in the Far East. In many ways we're no different from any business. We market ourselves with a view to being an attractive destination, we work hard to make sure our range of facilities make for happy guests. We are in business to make money, after all.


This isn't a cynical marketing ploy. In so many ways, we take pride in being different. We're not your standard hotel. That's hopefully obvious from the moment you step into the pentalounge. We've worked really hard to create a design that's fresh in hotel terms. Our staff uniform doesn't exist. You can check in at the bar!. Some of the things that differentiate us are little, some more fundamental.

Because of our desire to be ourselves, and not another predictable hotel experience, the people who stay with us are different too. We like to think of them as the black sheep, like we are ourselves. And of course, the real black sheep come in all the colours of the rainbow.

(Ok, this next bit IS the cynical marketing ploy, but it's also true!) We're tickled pink to line up alongside Reading Pride. Anything that celebrates diversity, colour, good times, the joy of being human in a kaleidoscope world, and the art of having the best party on the block? Sign us up yesterday.

See you at Pride, people.

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