Reading Pride does not want Gay Marriage

12 Mar 2012
Jamie Wake

Reading Pride does not want Gay Marriage - we want marriage equality.

Following recent opposition by the Catholic Church and other faith leaders, Reading Pride would like to reaffirm its obvious support for Marriage Equality for the LGBT community.

The coalition government is about to embark on a consultation on how (not if) same-sex civil marriage is introduced by 2015 and Reading Pride hopes its supporters will support this move to full equality.

Marriage predates religion and Reading Pride believes that no one should have the monopoly on love. We are understandably disappointed that Cardinal Keith O'Brien believes that giving same-sex couples the right to marry is grotesque and can be compared to the legalisation of slavery. If any other group of people had been described in this way, we believe that the consequences would have been very different.

As a Charity that aims to educate and eliminate discrimination against the LGBT Community, we believe that both the arguments and the words that have been used by various faith leaders have incited fear and hatred and are contradictory to the faiths in which they lead. Religion teaches love for all mankind and does not stipulate any exceptions.

This week the Women's Institute rejected an anti-gay advert submitted to its WI Life Magazine by the Coalition for Marriage and Ben & Jerrys ice cream has released a flavour in support of equal marriage. We are obviously pleased that well known organisations such as these have publicly demonstrated their support.

LGBT Campaigner and Reading Pride Trustee, Jamie Wake, says "Marriage is not a religious or political concept – it’s a human one. It’s about publicly declaring love when you’re in a committed relationship. Marriage should be a human right for everyone should they wish to do so. This is why we’re supporting the Coalition for Equal Marriage and would urge everyone to sign their petition for Marriage Equality."

The website address for the Coalition for Equal Marriage is

Notes to editors:

This year’s Reading Pride Parade and Festival will take place on 8th September 2012.

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