Samaritians Partners with Reading Pride

Samaritians Partners with Reading Pride Samaritans Reading
18 Oct 2016
Christina Dearlove

Since partnering with Samaritans Reading branch earlier back this year they have supported us at a number of our events.

Several of their volunteers supported our annual Pride Festival on 3rd September, which began with the Parade through the town centre.

Emma, Samaritans Outreach Director, spoke on stage about our partnership and how important it is for people to reach out for support if they're struggling.

At Samaritans we don't judge people on how they choose to live or love, we provide a safe place for people to talk through what's happening in their lives. I think sometimes people are so worried about how other's will react that they keep their thoughts to themselves which can be really tough. I would encourage anyone struggling with their sexuality or gender identity to reach out to us, we will listen.

Did you have your picture taken with them at Reading Pride? If so you can find the album on their website.