World AIDS Day - Know Your Status

World AIDS Day - Know Your Status
1 Dec 2014
Roy Perestrelo

Recently the NAT reported that 1 in 5 people are currently unaware that they are living with HIV and this is not exclusive to the LGBT community it is across all communities, this emphasises the reason people should actively seek testing and know their status with more and more social media apps increasing the campaigns to know your status.

We also know that not everyone likes to visit sexual health clinics for many reasons so there are a number of HIV home testing kits available which makes it easier to know your status from the comfort of your own home as well now. But the importance of knowing your status is just a small step to stamping out the spread of HIV.

The NAT have been working with the health service and organisations such as THT to further expand the network of testing centres across the UK and also offering home testing solutions via GP surgeries but there still needs to be the drive for the individual to want to know their status.

"It is so easy to have unprotected sex nowadays, and it has become the norm recently with less people asking your status - so I test regularly as do practice unsafe sex but still want to know the risk I am taking" Alan 26 Oxford.

"I know my status but so many guys I meet don't know their status as they are afraid of a positive result, but seem ok with the risk of passing it to others" Joe 20 Reading.

These are just a few opinions of people who are part of a growing generation of sexually active individuals who have been more focused on knowing their status but there needs to be more of a drive still, so the advancement of home testing kits is a way forward in knowing your status.

For more information on HIV and testing visit one of these sites:

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