Community Ambassador Programme
We need people who are friends and supporters of Reading Pride who feel connected to Reading Pride in their communities and in some cases, places of work. Our ambassadors are a network of volunteers, who raise the awareness of Reading Pride within the wider community.
Ways to get involved

As an ambassador, you can get involved by:

  • Inspiring your family, friends, colleagues and online networks to support Reading Pride and raise awareness of issues within the LGBT+ community.
  • Seek opportunities to benefit Reading Pride and the wider LGBT+ community.
  • Have good connections and the self-confidence to reach out to individuals who wish to volunteer and companies who wish to support Reading Pride.
  • Get involved in our fundraising activities and creating your own events in order to raise funds an awareness.
  • Promoting your contacts to take part in Reading Pride and spread the message and campaigns from Reading Pride.
  • Volunteering at events and other Reading Pride functions when you can help build the work which Reading Pride conducts.
  • Sharing your knowledge of Reading Pride with your community.
What we ask of you our Ambassadors

This role would suit you if you:

  • Are looking for a long term, flexible volunteering role, requiring modest commitment;
  • Have a personal connection to Reading Pride (not essential) and would like to share your experiences and knowledge;
  • You would like to get involved with various volunteering opportunities;
  • Are comfortable speaking in public forums and raising awareness of Reading Pride;
  • enjoy fundraising and would like to connect with like-minded people.
What we offer in return for our Ambassadors

We are committed to supporting our ambassadors and offer the following:

  • The opportunity to meet other ambassadors and other networking opportunities and fundraising events;
  • Listen to the feedback you have received from your community about Reading Pride;
  • Identify how Reading Pride can provide support to your community or organisation.
How to become an ambassador

If you are interested or would like to recommend another person or organisation, please contact us.